I was trying to think of a way that I could create an opportunity for women to become entrepreneurs and financially independent all while doing something they love and without having to worry about the start-up costs involved in opening a business.
So I found a way to give women the tools and resources they need to make themselves financially secure, confident and independent. That is why I have created the Regional Vice President positions below and that is how and why these positions came to fruition.

In these positions, I will teach you everything I know about coaching and mentoring, sales and marketing, and building a successful business. You will also receive certificates to become Crowned for Success Coaches through our RVP program.

Wendy Porter, CEO

Our RVP program is a great opportunity for women who are always giving friends and family advice on love and life.

It’s great for entry level to experienced life or business coaches.

It is a great opportunity for inexperienced and experienced bloggers.

It’s a dream come true for stay at home moms that are looking for ways to supplement their income while spending the precious time they have with their children.

It’s perfect for women who are involved in multi- level marketing such as It Works, Herbalife, Avon, Mary Kay, etc… but haven’t quite seen the results they were promised or hoped for when first joining.

It’s ideal for women who just graduated with their degree in a field that they don’t even think they are interested in pursuing anymore.

or the college student who went to school for the sake of her parents and got a degree in something that her mom wishes she would’ve done.

or the one that spent thousands of dollars of her hard earned money for her education but is now struggling to even find a job making $15 per hour.

It is for the woman who realizes for years she has been stuck in a dead end job with little to no promotional opportunities in sight.

It is for the woman whose spirit is internally dying, sitting in a cubicle day after day because she is not living out her purpose and passion. All for the sake of a paycheck.

It is for the entrepreneur whose ambition is on fleek! but either doesn’t have the finances for a start-up or isn’t sure how or even where to begin.

It is perfect for the woman who thinks she just may be allergic to working a 9 to 5 job.


Regardless to which one describes you or your circumstances. One thing that remains true is that you are infinitely powerful beyond your wildest imagination! And THAT is who you really are! My purpose and the purpose of this RVP program is to teach you that message, until you believe it and it resonates with your soul. Then I will teach you how to build a business with purpose, passion and profits.

That is my calling and service to the world and if you feel like that is your calling and service as well, then I invite you to join us in our movement to create a Queendom where we mentor and coach women to become financially independent through entrepreneurship programs that teach women how to build successful soulful businesses and live up to their highest potential in both business and in life.


I know what you’re thinking… “but wait, how can I teach what I don’t know?” I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out myself. Let me tell you a secret…we ALL are. Even certified coaches, even me.

Life is a forever evolving force of nature. You will always be trying to figure out how to handle problems, resolve problems, how to conquer fear, and how to push pass the insecurities, always.
It never completely goes away, some areas you learn to conquer with the proper tools, exercises and knowledge that I will share with you in the RVP program, others you just become better at problem solving and working through when they arise.

“But wait I don’t know anything about running a business or I suck at sales.” Well, good thing is, I do know how to run a business and I am great at sales and marketing so I’ve got that covered for you. You have my complete support even after the program.

Will I have to create training programs for women?” No we have already created training programs and continue to create training programs but would value your input and ideas for any future training’s that we create. And we are completely open to co-creating programs with you. So if you have a great idea for an E-course, Training module or program, we invite you to present it to us and we will help you package and promote it.

My goal with this RVP Program is to make this as easy for you as possible so that you can build your own empire while doing something you love. You will also be helping us to accomplish our goals by reaching and teaching as many women as possible to share our message… that they are valuable, they matter and they can conquer the world if given the opportunity and tools needed to do so!

Our Vision…
It is my deep desire… to see every woman succeed and become or remain financially independent. Because let’s face it, money is power and being in a position where you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself for it means that you don’t have to put up with anyone’s unwanted bullshit. Not a job you can’t stand, not a belittling boss and definitely not a man that you don’t even like to come home to.
Empowering women to be financially independent means having freedom from feeling like you’re stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

It is my passion… that every woman discovers self-love and acceptance and realizes how amazing she truly is. I want women to know they can love hard and with everything they have but to love themselves even harder. I want women to become better teachers of their own self-worth. I want them to know that making themselves a priority isn’t selfish, it’s called self-love.

It is my dream… that every woman finds her purpose and passion in life and shares those gifts with the world. I want every woman to discover who they are outside of being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, business woman, etc…while I honor that in you and in myself, who are YOU as a woman?
We are nurturers by nature and because of that we tend to lose ourselves in our relationships and deprive the world of getting to know who WE are as women and in the process we often end up depriving ourselves of discovering or sharing our talents and passions with the world. This program was strategically designed to find YOU, your passions, your talents and learn how you can share them with the world.

Our Mission…
To profoundly impact the lives of one million women and girls through our coaching and mentoring services as well as our Philanthropy work.
We are proud to be a purpose driven, heart centered business that gives back 10% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that specialize in women’s equality, women and girl’s education and domestic violence awareness.

These positions will be limited to candidates who demonstrate a strong desire to coach and mentor women based on our mission and vision. If you are interested in becoming a Regional Vice President (RVP) for Crowned for Success you will be responsible for sharing our posts, mission and vision on your social media sites, with family and friends and you will also have a local territory where you reside, to build a local network.

This position was created for entrepreneurs that want an opportunity to have their own business but with the backing and support of someone who has 15+ years of experience running, building and operating multi- million dollar businesses. If you are tired of working an 9 to 5pm job that you really don’t even like or if you want to spend more time with your children and family this may be the right fit for you. You will create your own work schedule, make your own hours, work from home and actually do something that you’re passionate about.

This opportunity includes all of the following for FREE!
• 1 year membership to our website ($179.88 value)
• Exclusive Facebook Group ($179.88 value)
• Opportunity to be featured on our RVP page on our website (priceless)
• Opportunity to write content for our blogs (priceless)
• Opportunity to have your own segment or guest segment on our Youtube, Periscope, Podcast channels (priceless)
• Featured on our social media outlets (priceless)
• Sales and Marketing promos. ($15,000 marketing budget)
• 1,000 business cards ($60 value) must be a US resident. Non-US resident will be emails their business card template.
• Bi-Weekly coaching conference calls for support directly with me ($6,500 value)
• Sales and Marketing training directly from me ($10,000 value)
• Start-up cost of a website ($5000)
• Your own Crowned for Success Regional Instagram page. i.e. @Crowned4successNewYork. (OPTIONAL)
• Free Access to a 24/7 Mastermind Messaging Group with other RVP’s to share best practices and get support through Whatsapp. (priceless)
• Crowned for Success Regional VP coaching certification that can be displayed on your social media. (priceless)
• Financial freedom and independence (priceless)
• Flexibility (priceless)
• Work/ Life balance (priceless)
• Work from home (priceless)
• And the reward of helping to expand a kick-ass woman’s movement! (priceless)

Total Monetary Value: $36,919.76

*Note: Must complete all exercises and assignments to be qualified for CFS Coaching Certification and promotional opportunities.

This opportunity is an investment of $749. It includes 50% commission on all sales generated by you.

I will soon be charging double the amount for this program, as spaces become more limited. So if you’re serious about turning your dreams into reality and owning your own business, claim your spot now at this price! Don’t miss out, I have no intention of offering it at this price again.

So exactly what will you earn 50% commission on?
• Queendom Academy e-courses, training modules and webinars- $99- $1500
• If you recruit or refer another RVP you will receive 50% of their enrollment fee currently $749
• Queendom monthly memberships & $14.99 per month currently for every person who enrolls.
• Queen T-shirts, post its, calendars and other memorabilia $20-$80
• Mentoring and Coaching services $150 per hour
• Local group Networking and workshops $20-$299 per person
• Workshops $200-$1200

You will receive 50% of all of this and I will personally train and work directly with you to achieve a successful business and territory offering all of these services and the best part is that you will inspire, coach, mentor, and network with amazing women while making a difference in their lives!

NOTE: Not every person will make it through this program to become an official R.V.P. This is not anything that we decide. If you do the work, you will make it through. Guaranteed. However, some may decide to take the program for furthering their education goals and nothing more, others may use the training to open their own businesses or programs and some may just not be ready because life gets in the way of completing the program.

With that being said, statistics estimate that less than 10% of people who purchase E-courses will complete them. Our program blows those numbers out of the water with approximately 40% completing our RVP program. We credit our success rate due to our comradery, support and our strong sense of sisterhood that we develop with one another during this program. Our goal is to leave no one behind. We will do our part and offer you endless support to make sure you get through. Will you put in the work and become a part of our 40% or will you join the 10% that are passing on their dreams?

If you are ready to join your tribe and create a business and life you love click on the link below to get started!
NOTE: Spots are limited in order to provide the best training. If we are unable to get you into the upcoming training due to an overwhelming response, you will be placed on our wait list for the next open enrollment.

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