KenyaIman Patterson is the Regional Vice President for Tennessee and North Carolina. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Retail Consumer Science and Service Management with a professional background in leadership, management and coaching.  Her passion is inspiring the greatness within every woman to establish successful businesses and create the life and image they desire .  KenyaIman is creative, independent, ambitious, and witty. She is a business fanatic and connoisseur of style. Like Edith Head, KenyaIman encourages that you can have anything in life if you dress for it. Her goal is to bring together like minded, entrepreneurial women to support and collaborate with each other to build queendoms at Crowned for Success.

My name is Sarah Alzoubi, Regional VP for Australia. I’m a 19 year old university student, currently in my final year of my Arts degree. I just recently co-founded a weekend school with my father and am currently running if while also working a part time job. I love reading books, working out, researching topics of interest and hanging out with friends and family. I hope to excel as an individual in the community because it would mean that I can help my community improve as well, as helping the community grow is one of my main motives.

Rose Rackers Regional VP for St Louis, Missouri She is a business owner. I run a subscription service and panel. I am educated in Information Systems and Technology from Missouri University of Science and technology. I also have a background in computer programming. In addition to a professional background in leadership and management. My goal is to help women build their businesses to become successful and live the life they dream of.

Katie, Regional Vice President Rhode Island, I am a  21year old entrepreneur with companies ranging from cosmetics, to weightless and health, to social shopping. My biggest passion is helping people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I whole heartedly believe in making an impact while making an income; overall, helping people find who they are and have them be happy and confident with who they are, is the greatest thing you can do for someone, and I aspire to create a career in doing just that. Life is too short for mediocre things so I strive to take risks, rebel a little, and bring out the boss babe in everyone that I know they can be.

Jenna is a full-time fashion student currently living in Los Angeles who loves iced coffee, going to the downtown flower market, candles, blues music, oh and red wine.  Her motto is “You would not have the desire unless you were capable of achieving it”. She believes every female deserves to live like a Queen, and hopes to help each woman get the absolute best out of life.

Olga is the Regional VP for Miami. All my life I’ve had a job where I was helping someone. Originally I worked as a medical assistant or an OB/GYN and found myself building bonds with my patients during their pregnancy. Afterwards, decided it was time for a career change and ventured into the real estate field. As a realtor, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity in meeting and working with people from all walks of life but more importantly built relationships as a friend and not as a realtor. As a friend I have come to realize that my true passion has always been in helping others whether it be personal or business related. I have always been a very determined, disciplined and a self motivated person that always goes after what I want. I’m also a very giving person and don’t expect anything in return. I have been referred to as Mother Hen but also consider myself as the Latin version of Olivia Pope…..I get the phone call when the shit hits the fan, or is about to LOL.

Genevieve Cowan is Regional VP for Canada. She is a hairstylist, make-up artist, and nail technician that is opening her own beauty lounge June 1st 2016. She’s looking forward to helping woman better their lives in a new way through the crowned for success program

Ryan LaShay Herd is Regional VP for Atlanta, Georgia. She is a working professional that is driven, determined, and motivated to obtain freedom while working on the beach. Ryan also has a little over two years experience in marketing, production, advertisement, and social media blast.She is an enthusiastic, versatile, highly ambitious, and resourceful individual with an academic and professional background in these areas as well. She also has the ability to establish priorities and meet challenges head-on. Ryan is also very creative and has the ability to learn new strategies and keep her peers motivated while they are trying to reach their goals. Her top three strengths include, but are not limited to project management skills, analyzing information, and self development. Ryan is in the process of launching multiple businesses in the empowerment and health industries. In addition to being a thriving and exciting industry, it also offers some of the highest compensations available in the market. The demand for professionals with knowledge and skills to manage various sectors within this industry is increasing dramatically. Through out her journey in this launch she hopes to gain all the knowledge she needs and network with enough professionals that are already successful in the field in order to be successful in these industries.

Mia is Regional VP for Orlando, Florida she was Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Massachusetts, lovin’ life in Florida! Full time Latina mama of 2 girls, with the heart of a teacher and a passion for the financial world. My mission is to help as many as I can to live the abundant life they desire full of freedom of time and money, without letting a language barrier (or anything else, for that matter) get in the way.

Serena Mwarey is the Regional Vice President for Hawaii. She earned an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and a certificate in paralegal studies with a professional background in finance, sales and customer service.  Her passion is inspiring women that with the right mindset you can get through any obstacle thrown your way to obtain the life you want & love.  Serena is genuine, ambitious, determined & everyone’s number one fan. She is a single mom of four & strives to conquer every goal she sets. Serena encourages women to own their power & rock their gifts. Her goal is to support and motivate women entrepreneurs at Crowned for Success as they balance life, business & their family roles.

Aneesah Rashada is the Regional Vice President over the Atlanta, Ga area. She is a dedicated coach and mentor and also a passionate writer & blogger. Aneesah has a strong background in Client Care and prides herself on providing excellent client services for more than 10 years. Aneesah also brings several years of networking marketing experience with several different companies. A loving wife and mother, Aneesah is very passionate about bringing ambitious women together, educating and empowering them to know that they can totally design a life they love. She believes that women can be any and everything they desire to be with proper support, tools and mentorship.

Hi my name is Iris Eileen. I am a Regional Vice President with Crowned4Success for South Texas and also a certified Life Coach and Law of Attraction Specialist. I love helping women fall in love with their uniqueness and become that timeless, classic, and sassy woman who was born to stand out. To find their confidence and build the life of their dreams while becoming the Queens they were destined to be. That confident woman that commands respect. Every woman has that something special that sometimes needs a little nudge to come out. When I’m not helping women build their confidence, you can find me reading, listening to music, meditating, working on myself to be the best person I can be, and spending time with my daughter. Ready to work together and step into your greatness? I’d love to hear from you!

Brooke Boesl, Regional Vice President for WI and CO, is an aspiring entrepreneur from a small country town in WI.

She loves both the country and city life. In the country she loves four-wheeling, hiking, camping, working out, and yoga. While in the city she loves bookshops, coffee shops, shopping, art galleries, and glamour.

She has an array of passions; which include reading, writing, researching, psychology, listening to music, fashion, makeup, and spending time with her fur-babies.

Her mission is to show her compassion by helping women feel more beautiful, confident, and fall in love with their life. She does this by giving them advice and tips for their mind, body, and soul in the business she’s building.